Plastkútur 27,5L með krana

BB Plastbrúsi 27,5L

Better Brew 27.5 Ltr Fermenter. With a 4" lid so you can get you hand in to clean it. There is a hole in the cap with a grommet to fit a airlock so no need to buy a bung this also comes with a tap but NOT the airlock There is no O-Ring in the cap for this fermenter, there is no need for one, It seals very well without one but you can add vasaline to the insert if you wish. We use these fermenters to ferment our beer from the mashing course and We like them and have no issues using them Do not use Hot water over 50oC otherwise you ris melting the fermenter Approx Weight:-2kg Including the tap its about 36 cm width and including an airlock( Not supplied ) about 73cm high

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